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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Maenol Seized the Moment, too

In spite of the persistent drizzle I made a last-minute decision to put the MV under the eaves at the back of the bungalow last night.  Good move!  Like Steve's catch, there was a high species-to-numbers ratio: 130 moths of 46 species were recorded but three species dominated: Heart & Dart (26), and White and Buff Ermines (6 of each).  It was nice to see a Figure of Eighty, only one previous record here, and the first Double Dart and Double Line of the year.  Rusty-dot Pearl was another FFY.

                   Double Dart                          Double Line var. 'Elegance'

               Figure of Eighty                               Rusty-dot Pearl

Two more micros of note were Orthotaenia undulana and a Dichrorampha sp. which I have recorded as D.acuminatana/montanana, a category I used last year when a similar moth was caught.  I hope that I've got these right!

                   O.undulana                           D.acuminatana/montanana


  1. Yes, a very decent and varied catch there Chris - full marks.No rusty-dots down my way, but fair numbers of diamond-backs around.