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Friday, 21 June 2019

Longest day yields shortest list...

I had an hour at Penrhyngwyn this afternoon (21/6), where I had gone especially to look for grass-moths at this coastal shingle and saltmarsh site. I was hopeful that I might locate Pediasia aridella, a moth that has only been recorded once in the county, by Barry Stewart at nearby Penclacwydd saltmarsh, back in July 2004. My crambid-search was a flop - indeed I only saw one, the common Chrysoteuchia culmella; it was really far too blustery.
The grass-moths are a group that are worthy of attention and there are several scarce ones to be on the look-out for (Crambus pratella comes to mind). I remind all of Jon Baker`s excellent and easy-to-use i/d article on this group in Newsletter No 8 (July 2007); see the newsletter archive on the right-hand side of the Carms moth blog page.
Today, not much else (moth-wise, though the botany was good) was about, but I did see a single burnet companion and find chamomile shark caterpillars on sea mayweed, a new sub-site.
An area of hogweed was looked at for Epermenia but none were seen, but some plants were ravaged by the larvae of the chrysomelid beetle Phaedon tumidulus, with just skeletal leaves remaining ( I`d previously thought such damage to be due to sawfly larvae).
                                            Above: Penrhyngwyn shingle spit, Machynys.
                          Above: one of the chamomile shark caterpillars discovered today.

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