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Sunday, 2 June 2019

Less panicked

Another night with the MV at Cnwc on 1/6 - 107 species in similar numbers to 30/6. Luckily I woke on time, so enjoyed sorting through the trap just before the rain started at 07:00. Highlights were 3 Micros new for Cnwc: Myelois circumvoluta, Aethes cnicana and Carpatolechia proximella. Macros included Map-winged Swift, 3 Small Elephant Hawk, Little Emerald, Oak Nycteoline, Green Arches, Gold Spot and a late Clouded Drab. The Longhorn Beetle Leiopus nebulosus was also new for the area.


  1. That's a striking longhorn beetle, Sam, along with some nice moths.

  2. I had Leiopus at Parc Dinefwr, Llandeilo back in June 1988, the only time that I`ve seen ; Dave Boyce independently had it there on the same date.