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Saturday, 1 June 2019

In SN71 today.

At Pont Clydach (SN738196) at about 18:00 I found this micro which I think is the Gelechiid
Bryotropha terrella.

Your opinion would be valued.


  1. My valued (?) opinion is that it's spot on for terrella, Steve. I've had this one a few times here but none with such distinctive markings, as far as I can remember - and that means either yesterday or pre-1950!

  2. Your opinion is highly valued, Chris, as you didn't suggest that what I had actually found was, in fact, a Brown House Moth! Much appreciated!

  3. It's certainly very distinctly marked for a Bryotropha. I have checked MBGBI and can't find any other genera that fit, but I suspect it might be B politella given the upland habitat and strong markings. Sadly it's a gen det job.

  4. Thank you, Sam - would it be appropriate to record the moth as Bryotropha sp.?