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Thursday, 13 June 2019

Clouded Buff

Despite the rain, I put the Actinic out last night, under cover in our open fronted summer house beside the wood. Had a decent catch of 29 species. After the awful cold, wet nights it was a real pleasure to go out and find, amongst the usual suspects, a Miller, Dusky Brocade,Willow Beauties, Green Silver-lines, Double Line, (all First this Year) and best of all, 2 Clouded Buff.


  1. Full marks for trapping Jane and nice to see some adult moths (rather than caterpillars and leaf-mines) on the blog. Great photo too of an immaculate male clouded buff. Its colouration must be of a `here I am` type, rather than any attempt at camouflage, unless its normal habitat is ice cream with raspberry sauce! I MAY try a trap this weekend, possibly on Saturday night, but we`ll see...

  2. I'm trapping again tonight, it's looking Ok til 2ish but I can put it under cover before retiring.....