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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Carpe diem.

"Seize the moment" wrote the Roman poet Horace in 23 BC - it's a good job I was able to recall his aphorism last night, for the weather at Cwmllwyd was much more conducive to moth trapping than the recent past and expected near future. The last time I trapped was 12 days ago, when I caught 21 moths of 9 species; last night (17 June 2019) was much better, although much lower numbers than in June of most years. What a strange bunch they were, too - 89 moths of 40 species were found this morning, including 22 Heart & Dart and 10 White Ermine, totaling well over a third of the entire catch. No other species exceeded 4 individuals and there were 20 FFYs. There were no rarities, but several moths of annual occurrence that I am always glad to see:

Blood Vein, Oblique Carpet, Grey Birch, Marbled Brown, Green Arches, Shears, Brown Rustic, Clouded-bordered Brindle, Marbled White Spot and Beautiful Golden Y, along with some micros including Mompha  raschkiella, Agapeta hamana, Hedya pruniana, Bactra lancealana, Epiblema cynosbatella and a few others.

Here are a few pictures:

Oblique Carpet

Beautiful Golden Y

Green Arches

Agapeta hamana

Marbled Brown

Grey Birch


  1. Life's full of surprises Steve, I didn't realise that you're a Latin scholar! Nice selection of moths, it was mild last night so the reasonable numbers were no surprise.

  2. Not restricted to Latin, Chris; I'm also fluent in English and Gibberish, but I mostly speak Rubbish. And anyway, it's the quality of the research that counts; I do all mine on Wikipedia.

    1. I'm one up on you Steve, I can add Double Dutch to the list! Seriously you're spot on about the research, you don't have to absorb large amounts of information as long as you know where to find it when it's needed.

  3. Nice moths,nice shots! I disturbed a single Agapeta hamana at the old Hendy cricket ground on Monday evening!

  4. Nice, crisp photos as always Steve and my old Latin teacher would have been proud of you! He only passed away last year, aged 100.