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Saturday, 29 June 2019

Busy in Rhandirmwyn

A very busy morning catching up with the moth backlog from last night..52 species, not including micros, Lots of the usual moths for the season,Brussels Lace, Green Arches, Fox Moth among them, but best of all for me was a Shark. Only the second I have ever seen , and the first was in Poland!
Hundreds of Grass Veneers and assorted Eudonia, made it difficult to sort everything. Plus midges.......


  1. Well done, Jane and keep up the good work; nice pics too. `High tide brings sharks to Rhandirmwyn`.
    I`ve still not got any idea what that dark noctuid of yours is.
    I`ll be blogging about my Friday night catch sometime tomorrow.

  2. I've had two more of these dark moths and the last one has some light marks down the edge of the forewing similar to a female Dark Rustic. Could it be an aberration ?