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Saturday, 15 June 2019

Burry Port puzzles

Several probable Tawny Shears caterpillars appeared in campion seed heads collected at Burry Port earlier this this week. I have a greater level of uncertainly about the host plant than I do the larvae, which I'm suspecting is a hybrid between Bladder Campion and Sea Campion. There is a large population of this species/hybrid at the old Grillo Works site, where I discovered another green noctuid larva, but needs to grow a bit before an id can be considered...

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  1. Interesting Barry. There is an old (?1970s) tawny shears record in MBGBI for SN40 and I have had a suspicion that the record MAY have been made by Chrystal Roberts, a biology teacher at Burry Port Secondary School. She was a member of the Llanelli Nats in the early/mid 70s and I recall talking moths with her. Good luck with rearing them, if that`s your intention.