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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Argyresthia dilectella

In the final stages of emptying and checking last night`s (24/6) traps, I noticed a tiny micro (body length: < 4mm) at the bottom. With great difficulty - I had to dampen the tip of my finger to place it into a small tube - it was `potted up`.
I believe that it is Argyresthia dilectella, a species that utilises junipers or cypresses, whether the former on natural habitats or both types planted in gardens and it has just one other Carmarthenshire record, from 2003. There are quite a few Glamorgan records.

Above: you`ll have to left-click on this one to see it! The mid-wing area has been worn by my `picking up process`, whereas the white head was very noticeable. For larval food-plants, my garden has several junipers and one cypress.

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