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Friday, 7 June 2019

A disorganised day...

Yesterday (Thurs, 6/6), I had planned to have an all-day visit to search for marsh frits at some sites in the Gwendraeth Valley, but it was not to be. Firstly, the showers in the morning were both heavier and more prolonged than forecast and, secondly, I had to return to sort out various matters by mid-afternoon. Consequently, in the midday period that was available, I was only able to re-visit the nice bog on the northern flank of Mynydd Sylen and search some adjacent fields but, unfortunately, no marsh frits were spotted.
I was, however, able to survey the bog in warm, sunny conditions (readers may recall that my recent visit was in cold, windy and overcast weather). New moth species were few - and they included a fresh campion flying by daylight and demonstrating its pinky tinge when netted; this species is probably utilising  ragged robin at this site as a larval food-plant. Three species of crambid grass-moths were seen - Chrysoteuchia culmella, Crambus pascuella (not uliginosellus, unfortunately) and C. lathoniellus. The very scarce bogland hoverfly Microdon myrmicae was also seen.

Above: Crambus lathoniellus and, below, C. pascuella. If the latter had been C. uliginosus, it would have (among other differences) the white stripe nearer to the costa (front edge of the forewing)

I actually then got to the Mynydd Cerrig area, hoping to do some whistle-stop checks of some pasture sites, but I bumped into someone I knew and the quarter-hour chat ate too much into my time and it had to be `Home, James`. I did, however, spot a solitary Nemophora degeerella and collected a couple of leaf mines. Today, was too wet for anything!

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