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Thursday, 2 May 2019

You have to try, don't you?

Only 59 moths of 9 species found the MV trap at Cwmllwyd  last night (1st May 2019): even so, I shall grab the opportunity to share just three of them -

 FFY Angle Shades

 FFY Powdered Quaker

and just for Ian, a second Great Prominent for 2019.


  1. Yes, indeed, full marks for trying Steve and congrats on your 2nd great prominent of the year. I`m waiting for better night-time weather, but I did do a little leaf mining on birches etc this morning. Also found some Coleophora cases on alder leaves and spotted some Micropterix...I`ll look at them later, so not entirely `moth-deprived`.

  2. and PS, you`re taking some really nice pics these days!

  3. I second Ian's last comment! In contrast, my standards have been falling, probably because the camera is fed up with trying to photograph impossibly small grey objects. I'm still waiting for my first GP.