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Friday, 31 May 2019

Wales Nature Week, Moths Pembrey Country Park

Although a day or so early as WNW is next week,   this morning, the County Councils' Outdoor Recreation Service held a "meet the moths" session at Pembrey Country Park. With three traps set around the park and forest a decent catch was made, in perhaps less than perfect conditions with a stiff breeze blowing most of the night.

Twelve children and three adults were introduced to the wide variety of moths to be found and were especially engaged with the Privet and Poplar Hawkmoths, while Peppered in both pale and dark morphs provided  an opportunity to discuss environments. Sharp-angled Peacock and Scallop Shell provided the audience with another aspect of the variety of moths. 

The Wainscot below which I believe to be Shoulder-striped was the only Wainscot in the catch, confirmation please!

Great to see youngsters interested in the natural world on their own doorstep, with many staying on for the afternoon pond dipping session.


  1. You could have a look at Obscure Wainscot for this one, Paul.

  2. Yes, obscure wainscot - if it`s a consolation Paul, obscure is a far better catch than shoulder-striped wainscot.

  3. I was rather hoping it would be Obscure so thanks for the confirmation I still have the moth