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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Recent Marsh Fritillary (and moth) sightings in SE Carmarthenshire

Some nice day flying moth finds so far this week, whilst out searching for Marsh Frits in known but previously unoccupied habitat. Turned up a freshly emerged Forester at a private site between Llannon & Pontyberem on Tuesday. Apologies for poor photo - hopefully a camera fault, not my eyesight! Yesterday, Mother Shipton in another private Meadow between Drefach and Cefneithin. Several Burnet Companions, as one might expect. So far in three days of targeted Marsh Frit searches, we've added 10 new occupied fields, to what should be a better looking picture for species in Carms and hopefully an enhanced future SPG area for the Mynydd Mawr grant project.

Any Marsh Frit sightings around Meinciau, Crwbin or Bancffosfelen area gratefully received. Let me know if you want to join us one day, somewhere in Carms. We get around the county.


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  1. Hopefully I`ll be able to help Richard with the areas mentioned in your text above.