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Friday, 24 May 2019

Slim pickings at my garden trap

I put out one actinic last night (23/5) in my garden at Stradey (west Llanelli) but moth numbers and variety were sparse; I`m beginning to fear that this trap site will not be as profitable as my former Pwll garden, but it`s early days yet. A privet hawk-moth and a rustic shoulder-knot were among the few moths greeting me this morning, and photos of these two individuals are shown below.

I also went out daytime mothing yesterday afternoon and will post a blog when I get a chance.


  1. Perfect conditions here in Pembs last night (overcast and min 12.2)but only 25 moths of 16 species. However, it was only 1.5 degrees the night before so I think we need a few more warm nights before things start to move. It may not be your new garden, just the general conditions.

  2. Great moths; very nice photos. Your new site could be a winner.

    1. Hopefully it`ll be good for woodland species...