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Thursday, 2 May 2019

Same Old, Same Old at Maenol

I found myself singing a familiar ditty whilst I emptied the trap this morning.  The words were: '...another Brindled B, another Hebrew C, and just for a change there's a Clouded D...'  The continuity was eventually broken by the appearance of a solitary Muslin Moth.  Oh, and there was the usual crop of Small Grey Jobs, about a dozen of them, they're getting recorded (rightly or wrongly) as Elachista sp.

I certainly endorse Ian's recommendation of Brian Hancock's Pug Moth publications.  I might also add that there's a Facebook Group 'Pugs in Flight Tonight' which I find very useful, you don't have to look far to find good images of the seasonal Pugs.


  1. Just joined the Facebook page you recommended. What a useful page, thank you.

  2. Good move, Jane! I expect you came across Greg Osborne's post on 28 April which contains excellent photos of a dozen or so species. I've scrolled through them a few times as a 'blind test' to improve my identification ability.