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Thursday, 9 May 2019

Right Place, Right Time

The right place was in my potting shed yesterday morning.  I was working there when I saw a small moth on the window, looking a bit sorry for itself - it was pouring with rain!

It looks much the same as the moths in Steve's and Ian's recent posts, so I'm assuming that it's Adela reamurella.  Like Steve, it's a first sighting for me.

I too have seen a few Micropterix calthella here on Marsh Marigolds and Buttercups, haven't seen M.aruncella yet but that species usually appears later in the month.  Hopefully the more striking M.aureatella will appear as well, as it did last year.


  1. That`s the moth Chris! Nice to have a new moth at Maenol early in the season.
    I trapped at home last night (Weds) and it was n`t worth the effort - 6 species in very low numbers; shuttle-shaped dart was FFY.

    1. Well done for trapping last night, Ian. I hope to put the traps out tomorrow night if weather permits, otherwise I'm out of action for a couple of weeks, visiting my son & family in France. Won't be trapping there though, my daughter-in-law can't stand moths!