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Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Rambling on around Bancyffordd

I haven't been able to dedicate the time and don't have the knowledge but have found the recent micro posts very informative. While out birding recently I have found a few mothy things that have been of interest to me. Just north of Llandysul in Ceredigion I have found Mother Shipton in grassland, Nemophora degeerella (10+) in some wet woodland so will keep looking for those this side of the river. Yesterday I managed to find a field just down the road that hadn't been cut for silage and spotted a single Small Yellow Underwing. Pignut is flowering in some quantity in my garden so I am wondering if Chimney Sweeper is a possible addition to my garden list?

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  1. Chimney sweeper is indeed a possibility. I recorded them a couple of times in the mid-late 1980s in your general area Andy. It would be great if they are still around. I too had a Nemophora degeerella yesterday and managed to get a pic. I shall post it when I do the write-up of the site in question.