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Friday, 17 May 2019

Quick post...

A short walk this afternoon (17/5), in the Millennium Coastal Park in the east Pwll area, yielded a few records including a surprise diamond-back flushed from a clump of wild turnip Brassica rapa.

Above: a mostly blurry photo of a micro-moth that just would n`t keep still, but you can see the markings on its back that gives this species its name.

Another site for Coleophora follicularis was found - just look out for eating damage marks on the upperside of hemp agrimony leaves and then check for the larval cases. Photo below:

Another Coleophora to search for (on alder and birch) is the very common C. serratella. Certainly one to look out for in your local patch. Photo of larval case (this one on alder) and presumed leaf damage below:

Finally, I found the macro caterpillar shown below on an flag iris leaf. It should be easy and I`m sure that I know it, but I`m stumped - perhaps ruby carpet is a possibility, though I`m unsure. Any suggestions please?


  1. Drinker moth caterpillar? Found one similar at Morfa Berwig.

  2. Of course it is! Spot on. Thank you very much Veronica...I`d overlooked that one.