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Saturday, 4 May 2019

Larval web

Yesterday I found myself at Ffos Las doing some bird stuff, always keeping my eyes open for Lepidoptera.
In less than ideal weather I was pleased to find a single Dingy Skipper. I also found the larval web pictured below. It was on sallow and I am thinking that the impressive mass belongs to The Lackey? 


  1. I can't see what else it would be, Andy. Haven't seen the like since I was a lad, they used to invade my dad's apple trees. Not recorded here, the book says Lackey is mainly lowland/coastal in Wales so our apple trees are probably safe!

  2. Such aggregations are not infrequent on the Llanelli coast and both the lower Gwendraeth Fawr and Fach valleys; I`ve seen them on small apple trees that have grown from seeds in discarded cores but never on my garden apple trees (I have had mature trees in three local gardens); they seem to particularly like low blackthorn stands locally.

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