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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Holiday worry and observation

I am just at the end of a walking holiday in Madeira, in the mountains and on the levadas. Many of us have commented on the general lack of insect life. Few butterflies, not a single honey bee seen, I've glimpsed two day flying moths, seen one single macro, don't even seem to be any flies. There are lots of bumble bees though and it must be them that are doing the majority of the pollinating here.
I've also found nests of some sort of ground wasp, high up in the mountains. Time of year? Or sign of the times?
Looking forward to getting back to my moth trap!


  1. Welcome home Jane. I`m sure that Rhandirmwyn will beat Madeira!

  2. Thanks Ian, looking forward to getting back to it, and seeing some new moths. Especially as it'll soon be Hawkmoth season!