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Thursday, 30 May 2019

Better late than never!

I've been looking for this moth for five years following the "discovery" of thousands of its cousins at Cwmllwyd for the first time in 2014. Another moth that has been unseen here since that year was also found this evening. I am very glad that I took a net with me while walking the dogs after their tea!

Both moths are common, but a bit too clever for me:

 Micropterix aruncella

Cocksfoot Moth  Glyphipterix simpliciella.


  1. You`ll be surprised how productive a little bit of `dusking` can be on (especially) warm, still late evenings - turning up new moths even on well-trapped sites. Micros, including many torts, come out on such occasions. A good way to boost species numbers in your home 10km squares.

  2. The only surprise here would be the arrival of a warm, still evening. I've been waiting all week for the wind to die down and it shows no sign of doing so this evening.