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Sunday, 5 May 2019

Another easy Eriocrania...

Some adult Eriocrania spp. are said to be near impossible to differentiate (unless dissected) but, fortunately, several have characteristic leaf mines or larvae. One of the latter is Eriocrania sangii which is the only one with distinctive grey larvae. There are nine county records according to Sam`s 2016 Carmarthenshire species listing.
I found E. sangii today (5/5) - a particularly easy find as it was found on a birch tree in my garden, one of three planted, as it happens, by `yours truly` back in autumn 1971. Two of the trees have since been felled but I have placed a seat below the survivor, and looking up whilst sat there this afternoon, I spotted some leaf mines...

                                       Above: the distinctive grey larva of Eriocrania sangii.

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