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Sunday, 26 May 2019

A case of Coleophora

I`ve been finding quite a few Coleophora cases recently - especially the common C. serratella on birch and alder, as well as a small number of other species. I hope to focus on this genus (in terms of searching for their cases) throughout the rest of the year.

Above: found on hazel at Dafen, Llanelli. I`ve still got to look at this one, but it may be C. binderella.
 Above: Coleophora serratella - you can see the larva`s head outside as it moves along the edge of the leaf.
                                     Above: Coleophora paripennella on knapweed, Tumble.
    Above: It has been suggested that this is Coleophora binderella (on hazel again), from Bynea.

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