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Monday, 8 April 2019

More White-marked.

Sunday 7th April 2019. Three of them in the MV trap in the alder grove at Cwmllwyd on Sunday night - two had their pictures taken; the other one flew away!

Are these migrants (five in two years), or do they breed here, I wonder?

I could not match Andy T's high count; but was happy with 171 moths of 23 species here and there were some pleasing FFYs to be seen. Just like Andy, I found 2x Streamers, along with Double-striped Pug and a Great Prominent that had suffered some damage while thrashing about in the trap.

The one that got away (and was found again later)!


  1. It's been London bus syndrome with White-marked here, Steve, nine years without one and several come along at once! Nice to see Great Prominent too. Similar numbers to yours here, species numbers inflated by several micros.

  2. Another great catch by Steve on Sunday night. As you all know by now, I`ve never seen great prominent and white-marked. Well done.