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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Ideal trapping conditions

Last night (Monday 23/4) provided ideal trapping conditions - warm, cloudy and with some light rain and this was reflected by the excellent variety and decent numbers of moths in the single actinic left out in my west Llanelli garden. I note that at least a couple of Carms moth`ers trapped with success last night - it would be great if others did too. As Sam has said before, if general conditions are good, don`t be scared of potential rain!
I had originally intended to also put the MV out to work in tandem with my mains actinic, but the departure of family members yesterday, the inevitable subsequent post-visit `domestic duties` (and cutting the lawns before the rains came) left me too tired, so it was just the one trap in action last night.
Nevertheless, I was pleased with the results, with 38+ species (including many personal FFYs).The highlights were: 4 pine beauties, 3 frosted greens, a diamond-back moth (migrant) and, best of all, a straight half-dozen Cydia strobiella, perhaps wanderers from adjacent woodland where the host tree (spruce) certainly grows.
I attach an `in tube` photo of the latter, which I may well replace with a better shot if time allows.

Above: Cydia strobiella. There are two previous Carms records, from Tyrwaun, Pwll and from Graig                                                          Halfway, both in May 2016.

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  1. Yes I trapped and had a good catch, some 250 moths for 35 species, including Glaucous Shears ( thanks Ian for identifying), 25 Great Proms,Clouded Silver, 4 Pebble Prominent, 6 Frosted Green, a single Blossom Underwing, Puss, Oak Nycteoline and uncountable Pugs- Oak, Brindled and Double-striped. Plus the usual suspects. A friend on holiday with her trap , just across the field had another Blossom U, Peach Blossom and Water Carpet, and was excited to have a Great Prominent, she normally traps in Tetbury. Very pleased to have got her into Moths a couple of years ago! She now records in her area.