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Monday, 1 April 2019

Can you help???

I received the following email from Becky Hulme who works for Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership, which my husband and I volunteer for.
"Hi Jane
 I Hope that things are going well with you?  I’m contacting without my ‘red squirrel hat’ on. I’ve been tasked with managing a new WTSWW reserve on a (very) part time basis, it’s called Caermalwas Fach and is just south-east of Llanybydder.  I’ve arranged a wildlife recording day on Monday 13th May with WWBIC, the idea is to have as many species experts on hand as possible to do a ‘blitz’ of the site to get a better picture of what wildlife the site supports.  We are short of a moth expert and I thought of you; would you be interested in coming along?   I assume that a moth trap would have to be set up the evening before the recording day to be checked on the day, but I can check with Kate from WWBIC .
It should be a nice day out, and hopefully we’ll find some species of interest.
Becky "

Unfortunately I'm away so can't help, and in any case I'm very far from an expert!!!
Anyone else available to help out? I've no idea if there is power but I've got a battery trap should anyone want to borrow it. Becky's email -


  1. I will contact Becky and find out a little more. I'm no expert but something is better than nothing.

  2. I'm glad that Andy has responded because although I'm probably the nearest (Llanybydder is about 8 miles away) and would be happy to help out, as luck would have it on 13th May I shall be on my way to France to visit my son. I have a portable 15W actinic Skinner trap and 12V leisure battery which could be made available if that helps.

  3. Becky has already responded. I have the equipment to be able run a MV remotely. I have a couple of rucksack 6W actinics so I will be in touch nearer the time if running a 15W skinner may be useful at the site.
    If either of you has a remote site that you want to try, I have a spare (very portable) Honda EX350 generator that will run a MV that isn't being used.