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Monday, 8 April 2019

Bumper night in Rhandirmwyn

Just about finished collating last nights catch, over 250 moths for 23 species. Very happy to have a new to me Pine Beauty, two in fact. Also FFYs Pale Prominent, Great Prominent,  Streamer, Powdered Quaker and 2 V Pugs. White -marked, Frosted Green and Shoulder Striped, Early Grey, Oak Beauties made appearances, along with 82 Common Quakers, 50 Small Quakers, 15 Twin spotted Q, 23 Clouded Drab, 16 Brindled Beauties and my four lovely Blossom Underwings. With a bonus Red Sword-grass in the final egg box! Now for a cuppa.....
                                         Pine Beauty
                                         Four Blossoms
                                          Pale Prominent


  1. That's a great haul, Jane, I thought I was swamped with 40 or so CQs, plus a similar number of HCs. It's about time that these Blossoms started drifting further west to me, I've never seen one!

  2. Neither have I. Nor Pine beauty.

  3. That`s a first-class catch Jane - I should perhaps have trapped on Sunday rather than Saturday night.
    I suspect that the blossom underwings are confined to areas of old oak woodland in our county, so far only known from the NE. I`d love to catch one!

  4. Forgot 2 V Pug and Double-stripe Pug!!