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Monday, 8 April 2019

Bancyffordd 7/4/19 - some numbers at last.

So far this year my trap hasn't been attracting much. Last night I had 20 species among 231 moths, quite a turn around. Nothing of any rarity value but 11 Brindled Beauty were the first I have seen this year, and 2 Streamer showed how stylish nature can be. In contrast a single late Early Moth was on the wall of the trap and I notice from the recording sheet that this is an "A" category - made me wonder if this species has undergone a decline in this area or if it has never been very frequent to have achieved this status?


  1. My trap on Saturday (6/4) was unimpressive - just 10 spp with nothing noteworthy, though pebble prominent was FFY.
    You did MUCH better Andy!

  2. Hi Ian
    Good trapping last night in Llansteffan using my daughter's partner's heath trap (Mark Carter). 90 moths including Frosted Green, Early tooth striped.
    I'm into hospital for a knee op this afternoon so out of action for a few weeks

  3. I hadn't noticed that Early Moth is 'A' category on the list (how unobservant can one be?) I'm surprised too because it's never struck me as anything other than a common late winter species, probably much under-recorded because not much trapping goes on in winter. This year I recorded it on five occasions in February, the latest being on 27/28th when I had 6.