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Monday, 29 April 2019

Another New One

Since the demise of my old wood shed last year the windows in other buildings seem to be filling the void.  This morning it was the turn of the garage, which produced an unfamiliar moth:

I'm thinking that it might be Mompha epilobiella but I would welcome confirmation or alternative suggestions please.  It wouldn't be the first time that a Mompha species has turned up in the garage, several M.divisella appeared on a window in March 2017.


  1. It looks like epilobiella to me, Chris. You seem to be catching many more micros than me so far this year and your outbuildings evidently have some of the magic of the old shed in catching moths.
    I`ve had the occasional Mompha (though not epilobiella) indoors here and at my previous Pwll home.

  2. Thanks for the response, Ian. I posted the photos on the F/B Micromoth Group page and got a positive response for epilobiella, so I've recorded it. It's not the first time I've found Momphas on garage windows, last year it was M.divisella. Plenty of Willowherb around here, and Evening Primrose.