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Monday, 25 March 2019

Quite Good..... Cwmllwyd, too. I suspect it was rather colder up here last night (24 March) than for others with good counts, so I was very pleased to find 80 moths of 14 species in (and around) the MV trap in the alder grove this morning. Mostly, of course, the usual suspects for this time of year, but only the second sighting at Cwmllwyd of this little beauty:


Over the moon with this one, although I have to admit that the sun was up before I found it! By the way, has anyone ever seen one where the marks are actually white? Here's a pic of last year's model:

Addendum: here's a pic of last night's moth lit only by sunlight - I think it better shows the actual colour of the moth. Another feature (?) that I've noticed is grey veins showing on the wings, but I've no idea whether this is normal, or unique to the species:


  1. Well done, Steve, a very pretty moth, one which I don't think I've had. Perhaps it should be renamed 'Gold-marked'?

  2. I`ve never seen one either...!
    Certainly a well-marked white-marked. Well done Steve, nice pics too.