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Sunday, 31 March 2019

Frosty Night at Maenol

Last night was significantly more rewarding than Friday night, with well over 100 moths recorded, including this beautiful Frosted green:

A welcome return of this species, five previous records here but not seen since 2016.  Even more welcome though was a new species for me; having seen Steve's recent blog I was fairly confident that what turned up in my MV trap this morning were two White-marked:

Without Steve's guidance I would probably have struggled to identify these moths, not realising that the marks can be yellowish in colour rather than white.

These apart, the catch contained the usual mix of seasonal moths, including several Brindled Beauties - my previous concern that this species might be struggling were unfounded.  One more FFY was Early Tooth-striped.  Diurnea fagella was a 2ndFY, found on the conservatory window but settled down on the windowsill when the SUN CAME OUT THIS MORNING and is still there at 7pm.

P.S. Is no-one else trapping?  There's life out there even though the nights are a bit chilly.


  1. Yes, I trapped. 86 moths for 18 species, including 2 Brindled Beauties, a Pale Pinion, Early Thorn, Red Sword Grass, and the rest were the usual Quakers, HCs et al. Had a Frosted Green a week ago, good to see. I will trap again tomorrow night as it's looking half decent.

  2. Frosted Green: lovely - only seen one of these at Cwmllwyd, in 2014. See the grey veins on your White-marked wings? Still don't know if they are a diagnostic aide! Well done for both species Chris.

  3. Frosted green and white-marked are both good catches Chris. Jane seems to be doing well too.

  4. Nice to see others are catching. Rather bleak in Bancyffordd last night, I managed just 7 species with Powerdered Q being the only FFY.

  5. Great that you have had White-marked. One I've yet to see.