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Sunday, 24 March 2019

Brimstones are back...

After several sightings of male brimstone butterflies in the garden during the premature February warm spell, none were -understandably - seen in the intervening wet and windy weather. Today (24/3), a male has been seemingly spending most of its time in my garden, enticed by plenty of nectar sources (with primroses today`s favourite) and probably also by planted alder buckthorns near the garden periphery. A bit of a spring hat-trick too, with bee-flies en masse and chiffchaffs singing in adjacent woodland.

I must try to put out my traps tonight (or tomorrow night) to emulate the success of Chris Handoll and others.

I`ve also just tried the search facility set by Colin Jones and it is very useful - I`m sure that we`ll all grateful to Colin for doing so.

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