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Friday, 22 February 2019

No foreign visitors at Llanelli

Conditions were not optimal last night, with a clear sky and the moon shining brightly but, due to a severe dose of  `migrant fever`, I put out a trap `just in case`. I did n`t want to miss out with regard to visitors from foreign shores. Checking the virtually empty trap just before bedtime did n`t raise my hopes and in terms of migrants I was right - there were none awaiting me this morning.
I was surprised however with the decent numbers of resident moths - misty skies in the early hours must have helped. I had exactly 10 species with oak beauty (the most numerous in the mains actinic with 9 individuals) and brindled pug as FFYs.
The weather looks more promising tonight, so I shall do a repeat trap...

                                             Above: oak beauty and pale brindled beauty.
Above: brindled pug.


  1. Good stuff, Ian. My trap will be shining again tonight, but it's been somewhat dour here so far (wind and rain). "Highlight" here so far - a Mottled Grey!

    1. Good luck Steve - conditions are certainly better tonight - cloudy, so fingers crossed. I had no rain last night.
      Sam at his home trap in Mons had the same as me - no migrants but a decent mix of resident moths.

  2. Zilch in Rhandirmwyn last night. A very clear night. Perhaps tonight will prove more profitable.