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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Winter migrants!

Two migrant moths in last night`s (Sat 16/2) catch in the (flat) roof-top actinic - a small mottled willow and, better still, the crambid Euchromius ocellea. The latter is a 2nd vcr, the first being at Pwll during the noteworthy influx of rare and uncommon migrants in December 2015.
The night had been quite moonlit and breezy, so I was n`t too hopeful, but it goes to show that it can be worth trapping in these southerly winter winds. Also, I`m now reassured that my new suburban garden - with the many scores of competing bright lights (there`s a permanently-lit school nearby) - has not completely diminished the migrant moth potential.
Only small numbers of resident moths and nothing like the variety caught a few nights ago, though a FFY clouded drab.

                  Above: Euchromius ocellea and small mottled willow, Stradey, Llanelli 16.2.19.
                                                       Left-click on pics to enlarge.

If you `google` `migrant lepidoptera twitter` or `Atropos Flight Arrivals`, you will read that last night was excellent for migrants elsewhere in southern Britain, with other Euchromius turning up and even a crimson speckled! Note Sam`s suggestion that migrants may be still around tonight and that conditions also look good later this coming week.


  1. A great pair of moths to start a new season at a new home!

  2. Congratulations Ian and great pics too.

  3. Well done Ian. Obviously Veronica didn't have her trap on in Cwm Ivy last night, as otherwise she would have intercepted your excellent captures. Inspired by your good fortune the trap is out tonight - cool and moony but you never know...

  4. Barry - you forget that I`ve moved and no longer live directly opposite Veronica or any other cunning `interception` by the vc41 moth brigade. Remember this is the mothy version of the Cold War!
    Incidentally, a completely `dud catch` last night (Sunday 17/2) - just a single common quaker and a wet trap.

  5. Excellent work Ian! I had to look E.ocellea up because I'd never heard of it. Yours was also reported on FB (Migrant Lepidoptera) along with three others at the weekend, also quite a few Small Mottled Willow. I've been cleaning the glass in my greenhouse with a view to siting an MV trap there, sheltered from the elements. It's worked quite well in the past.