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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Dark Stranger

As a last minute gesture because it was dry and relatively mild last evening, I put a small (6W) actinic trap outside the front door.  This morning I was greeted by four Winter Moths and this much larger dark individual:

The prominent discal spot and the dark cross-line beyond it makes me think that it's a dark form of Mottled Umber.  I can't think what else it might be, but the bronze thorax confused me into thinking that it might be something different.  Any alternative suggestions would be welcome!

None of the moths entered the trap, they were all perched on the adjacent front door.


  1. Yes it must be Mottled Umber. There was a similar photo posted recently on the Ceredigion Blog.


  2. So there was, George, unusually I missed that one, normally I keep track of what's on adjacent County blogs. Moths have been very active of late in Ceredigion it seems, more so than in Carms anyway.