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Saturday, 5 January 2019

And here's one I caught earlier.....Small Waved Umber

Sam got back to me after receiving my, miraculously on time, records, asking for a photo of a Small Waved Umber that I had recorded on August 5, I hadn't checked the distribution map or county list as it was notated as common.
Turned out to be quite a nice catch.
Sam said " There are just 10 previous Carmarthenshire records: 5 from Pembrey, 4 from St Clears and 1 from Carmel, so yours is a long way from any others."

Happy New Year!!!!


  1. Very nice catch; very well done! And HNY to you, too.

  2. A very good record Jane...does its food-plant traveller`s joy (Clematis) grow nearby?

  3. Yes, just a field away, I've been trying to get some growing in our little wood and will try much harder now.