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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Unseasonal greetings

A male Mottled Grey came to the Cnwc porch light on 24th December 2018.  This is an extraordinarily early record - the previous earliest for VC44 was in Jane's trap at Rhandirmwyn on 18/1/2017, and there are only 3 January records from Carms, all from 2017.

MV trapping on the night of 25th December produced 16 Mottled Umber, 4 Winter Moth, 1 Northern Winter Moth, 1 December Moth and 1 Chestnut.

Not bad for Christmas!


  1. Happy Christmas Sam. I am sitting with my Concise Guide trying to identify 2 from last night.
    And your post has helped! Two Mottled Grey, male and female I think! I will take pictures later.

  2. We`ve hardly had any cold weather or frost etc...perhaps our early greys should be re-named earlier greys?!

  3. Make that 3. Just found a third that I grabbed from the porch light last night and popped in the fridge.