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Friday, 16 November 2018

Modest Returns at Maenol

Following the advice of Lords & Masters (don't I always!) I put MV and actinic traps out last night, but recorded only a dozen species.  One immigrant - Dark Swordgrass - and no surprises amongst the others, in no particular order: Mottled Umber. Feathered Thorn, Red Swordgrass, Red-green Carpet, Spruce Carpet, December Moth, Epirrita sp., Angle Shades, Chesnut, Red- and Yellow-Line Quakers, all in ones or twos.

I do hope that others were more successful!  I shall put one trap out tonight, but the weather is set to get colder next week so I'll probably give it a rest.

1 comment:

  1. I had much the same, with the addition of 1M du J, a Common Marbled Carpet , Pale Brindled Beauty and another Northern Winter Moth. Spruce Carpet and December moths in large numbers.
    Nothing much different this morning except a sad looking Silver Y.
    I think my trap will go away for a while now.