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Monday, 15 October 2018

Worth trapping tonight?

After missing out on migrant rarities over the last few nights, I set out the garden traps on Sunday night (14/10). Apart from several; silver ys, no migrants were present but the ever-attractive merveille de jour provided some consolation, along with typical early October species.
Last night was mostly clear and rather cold with NW winds - tonight (Monday) may be better as it is overcast all night, with easterly winds.

                                                      Above: last night`s `Merv`.

POSTSCRIPT: I did trap on Monday night  (15/10) and weather conditions were good. Approaching 25 spp in the trap this morning with migrants represented by 17 silver ys, 1 rusty-dot pearl and a small mottled willow; sadly nothing rarer. Feathered thorn and red-green carpets as FFYs; 7 large wainscots and 2 `Mervs`.

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