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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Wales Tree of the Year

Not strictly moths so please delete if unsuitable.
Our Rhandirmwyn tree, the Pwllpriddog Oak has won the Woodland Trust, Wales Tree of the Year competition. It is now going for National tree of the year. It is probably 500+ years old, so will have seen more than a few moths in its branches in that time! It must be ecologically important, with all the lichens and invertebrates that still call it home!
If you have time could you please vote for it????
Many thanks.


  1. Very suitable, Jane, because the tree must have nurtured countless moths over the centuries. I've voted for it!

  2. I remember being shown this oak by my father exactly 50 years ago this summer. We`d been picnicing by the nearby bridge over the Tywi where I left an (old) penny on a ledge under the bridge arches. I recall checking to see if it was still there in 1985 (it was) and I remember that my mother had made tomato sandwiches for us back on the 1968 visit. Funny how you remember some things. I`d better give the oak my vote too!

  3. Thank you Ian. Would you like us to check if your penny is still there?

  4. Go ahead if you wish. It`s the lower bridge that leads to the Pwllpriddog lane.