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Thursday, 11 October 2018

New in Pontyberem

As the weather looked so good I put out MV and Actinic. As it turned out the only migrants were 2 Silver Y in the actinic but also in the actinic was this fine, fresh, and new for me Cydalima perspectalis. It was bigger than I was expecting for a Crambid and rather handsome, though not so exciting if you have a box hedge I suppose.
Total of 30 species but no Brown-spot Pinion for me I'm afraid. A moth I'd like to see!
63.054 Cydalima perspectalis Boxworm Moth


  1. That`s another moth someone has beaten me to, Chris! It was one on my `hoped for` list , along with least carpet (which Stephen Ruttle had this year at Graig) and Neophopterix angustella that Mel caught at Llansteffan.
    Your `box-worm moth` has been spreading quite rapidly and was a likely colonist for Carms. Congrats on a NCR. I was hoping to get it at my new garden (which has a box hedge).
    Last night`s catch at Pwll was very mediocre, with no noteworthy migrants.

  2. Thanks Ian. Always good to see something new, especially as NCR.

  3. I'm getting me a box hedge if it produces moths like that one!