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Friday, 5 October 2018

Autumn delights in Burry Port

Ian's email prompted me to get the trap out after a break induced by a combination of wet nights, cold nights and sleep deprivation. I found eight beautiful Black Rustics, wings like funeral damask, as well as my first Merveille du Jour and Green Brindled Crescent for the year.
I also had an October Smoky Wainscot

And my first ever Sallow.
Two Red-line Quakers were first for the year.
The garden's second Carcina quercana was an attractive find, wildly waving its long antennae.
Another micro was also a first for me, Hypatima rhomboidella.


  1. Nice selection Adam. For tort records the wainscot is a Shore, much nicer than a dull old Smokey ;-)

  2. Thank you Barry, I'll amend my records, I think it may be a new species for me.

  3. ...and the Hypatima is Scrobipalpa costella.

  4. I stand corrected, obviously having an id nightmare.