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Saturday, 22 September 2018


Nice to see a couple of micros this morning, as well as one of my favourite autumn moths the Green-brindled Crescent, plus a less-welcome hornet.

35.018 Hypatima rhomboidella

49.255 Epinotia nisella

73.068 Green-brindled Crescent


  1. Hi Chris, I am a visitor from Devon, currently staying at Syddyn Fach, Bancffosfelen. I will be trapping most nights at that location. Will CMG be interested in results? Trial last night gave only 4 moths, Autumnal Rustic, Black Rustic and 2 Square Spot Rustics. Looks promising for more if weather holds good!

  2. Sam Bosanquet is the County Recorder VC44 on
    Looks like it might be a bit chilly again tonight but more promising tomorrow.
    I'm new here but there does seem to be a good selection of moths. Good luck!

  3. Thanks Chris! Will send the results to Sam in due course. Could not find his details on here. Very cold and a couple of showers early last night so brought the trap in early. Only two moths in it! One another Square Spot, and I suspect another. Will have to look at your book to confirm! Just been in to Pont y Belem to stock up on provisions! Hopefully better conditions tonight!