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Monday, 3 September 2018

Moved to Pontyberem

Temporarily staying with daughter and family so good excuse to run the trap.
Had these two this morning both new to me, and not on the Carmarthen distribution maps either as far as I can tell.

17.008 Ypsolopha alpella

35.160 Stenolechia gemmella


  1. That`s quick work Chris - well done! Both these oakwood species ought have been recorded, given the habitat availability in Carms but, seemingly, they have n`t (unless I`ve missed them on Sam`s 2016 listings).

  2. Thanks Ian. Always fun to see a new species.

  3. I haven't got records of either in the database, so they are indeed both new. Well done Chris! Please can you send your records to me at the end of the year in Spreadsheet form, as I can't cope with dribs and drabs.