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Monday, 10 September 2018

More Shed Life

No more the woodshed, sadly, but the potting shed which is close by.  A very small moth appeared on the door this afternoon:

Searching images of Phyllonorycter species I decided that my moth resembled P.cerasicolella, a species associated with cherry.  This was plausible because the shed is a few metres from a cherry tree.  Sudden inspiration (not something I'm renowned for) gave me the idea of inspecting the tree for similar moths.  Armed with a sweeping net I did just that, and the first sweep produced another moth with the same features.  If only life was always this straightforward!

Not that I'm under any illusion that the evidence is conclusive, particularly so because the cherry tree is in a mini orchard with apple and damson trees also fairly close.  I shall keep the moths in case there's a chance of microscopic examination at some point, because P.cerasicolella doesn't appear on the county list.


  1. Looks like a strong contender but probably should be kept. I'll have to try the cherry in the garden here in Pontyberem, assuming this was a recent find.

  2. Yesterday, Chris. I have kept both moths but am doubtful of being able to dissect something this small myself. It's too wet just now but I shall have another beat at the cherry tree in due course, and look for mines as well.