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Monday, 17 September 2018

Late again.

Just three FFY on Saturday 15th September at Cwmllwyd, in a total of 36 moths at the MV trap, with 15 species recorded. FFYs shown below:

 Lesser Yellow Underwing

 Green-brindled Crescent

 Anomalous, only seen here once before, plus one on the mountain, both in 2014.

Can anyone help with this wee chap? Grateful thanks if you can. Sorry to say that it flew before I could measure it: 8-10mm, I should think.

Several hundred juvenile swallows on the move here today - hope to see them again next year.


  1. I've had a serious attempt to match your grey micro Steve, but no success, at first I thought Caryocolum but it doesn't seem to fit any of the gelechids in my books. Perhaps some of the markings have worn away. You'll have to catch another in better shape!

  2. Grateful thanks for your effort, Chris - Ian said much the same, too. Probably a species new to science, then: Nobel Prize for me!