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Saturday, 8 September 2018

All quietish at Rhandirmwyn

Like Mel, I've not posted much this year but I have still been trapping regularly.
 Feathered Gothics arrived in force on August 25 and are still a feature of each trap. First Autumnal Rustic on 2 September and a beautiful pink shaded one this morning, very different from the previous catches.
I also had the first Black Rustic of the season, magnificent with its shot silk wings.
No DHHM though, but Ian's catch has given the first peep into the trap a certain 'edge' recently! It makes a change from looking out for hornets which seem to have slowed down.

And is this OK for a Hedge Rustic? A new one for me if it is. Thanks as ever for all help. Jane


  1. Yes, hedge rustic, and your autumnal rustic is indeed an attractive pink shade, which shows well in your nice photo.

  2. Thanks Ian. Nice to still get 'Firsts'