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Saturday, 8 September 2018

A Feathery Puzzle

Pretty quiet here, too, last night except that the wasps were back, at both actinic traps.  The actinic lamp seems to have a strange effect on the wasps, it makes them docile and disorientated to the extent that I can persuade each one to climb on to a Magnum stick (yes, another use for them) and relocate it away from the trap.

The only moth of particular interest in the traps was in very poor condition, but its antennae were striking:

What a beautiful pair! There can't be many species with antennae like these.  The wing markings, insofar as they are discernible, suggest that it's one of the 'Beauties', the antennae suggest Satin Beauty rather than Willow or Mottled, which are the only ones I've had here.  Any suggestions would be welcome.


  1. That does look good for Satin Beauty - the resting posture is quite distinctive with the wings more swept back than those of Willow or Mottled Beauty.

  2. Thanks George, the distinctive shape hadn't registered with me, but then I've not seen Satin Beauty before. In view of this and the antennae, I think it's safe for me to record it as SB.