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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Sorry Sam!...

...but I had a 2nd gen scorched wing at Pwll on 11/8, though I did n`t realise its significance at the time. As it happens I even photo`d it as it was so fresh and obliging, perched outside the MV.


  1. I had Scorched Wing on 6 August. How is a second generation moth defined?

  2. I recorded one the other week when in SN63

  3. 'Second generation' is slightly confusing in the unusual summer of 2018, when we had a warm spell rather early tempting some species to emerge, followed by cool, then a heatwave, then cool/wet again. Generally, 'second generation' moths result from eggs laid by the first (spring) generation hatching early, larvae feeding quickly, and pupae then hatching later in the same year rather than in the following year. Some species routinely produce 2 generations - eg Small Square-spot, Engrailed, Green Carpet, various Prominents - others traditionally only appear once. It is possible that these Scorched Wings are just very late emergers resulting from 2017 eggs, but that seems unlikely to me.