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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Pug Fest

Of a Double-striped kind.  There were at least a dozen resting on the walls around my 6w actinic trap and the porch light  this morning, along with almost as many Brimstone Moths.  No D-sPs in the trap though. Other outsiders included a Canary-shouldered Thorn and this Plume moth:

I think that it's Platyptilia gonodactyla, Triangle Plume, but the last time that I tried to identify a Plume I was wrong, so perhaps some kind person would help me with this.

Is there an unusual abundance of Double-striped Pug everywhere, or is it just here?


  1. Looks like triangle plume to me Chris. Nice one - I don`t think (may be wrong) that I`ve had an adult, though there`s plenty of its food-plant (coltsfoot) locally.
    There has been a decent number of double-striped pugs around recently.
    Was thinking of trapping tonight, but too cold and clear, so will await Thursday instead.

  2. Thanks Ian. I haven't seen coltsfoot here so it was a bit of a surprise that triangle plume turned up. Cold & clear tomorrow night as well in this area, so I'm pencilling in Friday night for the next trap.

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